The Place : Ayodhya Hills District : Purulia

Ayodhya Hills is an extension of the Dolma Hills of Jharkhand. It is an extremely picturesque getaway with hills, dales, tall trees, springs, tranquil lakes, a river and clear blue skies. A visit to beautiful waterfalls, deep forests, tribal villages, Gorshabru and Mayur hill are sure to captivate your senses. The presence of a variety of wild animals in the forests makes this place more adventurous. Visiting hidden waterfalls, trekking around azure lakes guarded by hills, experiencing local tribal culture, bird watching and taking village walks make Ayodhya Hills a treasure trove for photographers and nature-lovers.

During September to March Ayodhya Hills get a chill in the wind and clear skies. Specially, February and March puts a vibrant show of Palash flowers and early October gives a show of Kash phool. But the monsoons shroud the place in endless greenery and the floating dark clouds over the green hills and gushing waterfalls make a spectacle worthy for lifelong travelers.

There are several trains from Howrah to Purulia. Bus services are also available from Sahid Minar. You can go by car, too.

Bamni Falls and Turga Falls: The two waterfalls are visual treats. The noise of the falls is ear-shattering. The pictures you click look like paintings. 

Tarapaniya Lake : A visit to this mesmerizing lake surrounded by mountains is must . 

Mayur Hills and Pakhi Pahar : A trip to the Mayur Hill provides a spectacular panoramic view of the entire range of Ayodhya Hills. You can also visit the Murra Buru Hill (Pakhi Pahar), which has some beautiful rock paintings of birds. Incidentally, Pakhi Pahar is a great spot for bird watching and is the natural habitat of peacocks. Heavily forested, these hills are home to leopards, deer, wild boars and numerous birds. 

Khairabera: This is an Irrigation Dam amidst hills and forest at Baghmundi. It is a beautiful and pleasant place which has a vast water body at the foot hills of Chemto and Barra Hills (Ajodhya –range).During the spring the Palash trees add a new spectrum to the scenic beauty of the area with their red-flowers.

Ayodhya Hills Forest Guest House Complex which houses Niharika, Malabika, Manasi, Malancha, Anamika, Balaka, Bibhabari, Upekhita and many other suites

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