The Place : Chupi Kasthashali Pakhiralay District : Burdwan

The sleepy silence of Purbasthali is broken from early December every year with the arrival of feathered friends from halfway across the world. The Ox Bow Lake formed from the mighty Ganges caresses past villages like Chupi and Kasthashali to become home to thousands of migratory birds. The crystal clear waters of the 9 km long channel of the Ox Bow Lake and the surrounding fruit orchards and farmlands harbour more than 70 species of local and migratory birds. The Ox Bow lake covers an area of almost 3.5 sq. kms and encloses an islet with three villages. Bird watching in the lake is done in local country boats and the boatmen help the guests to spot the birds.

The lake has a narrow channel connecting the Ganges and hence has a permanent source of water pouring into the lake. The rich alluvial soil of Ganges basin and abundance of rainfall has endowed the Purbasthali region with an overdose of greenery. Hence an intense agriculture is practiced here with crops like maize, rice, corn, mustard, jute, potato and different types of vegetables, fruits and flowers growing throughout the year.



By Train – There are local as well as passenger trains to Purbasthali Station from Howrah and Sealdah Stations. You can check for train timings.

By Road – Kalyani Expressway – Jhulonia More (Bansberia) on State Highway 6 – Kalna – Dhatrigram – Samudragarh – Parulia Bazar – Kasthshali Market – Pakhiralay Cottages.

The Totos at the Purbasthali Railway Station would bring you to Pakhiralay (around 4 kms). The Totos are available till evening. However, if you want, we can arrange a Toto for your pick-up from Purbasthali Railway Station.

Apart from being a birdwatcher’s paradise, the whole of Purbasthali region is steeped in history and religion. With towns like Nabadwip and Mayapur within 15 kms. and temples and ruins of history’s landmark events scattered throughout the region, Purbastali is also a favourite to history buffs. The route from Kolkata to Purbasthali passes through the temple towns of Kalna, Hansheswari, Guptipara and Sukharia, which makes the ride to Purbastali all the more enjoyable and enriching. It also passes through vast stretches of greenery and villages famous for their textiles and handicrafts like Samudragar and Natungram.

In the recent past, a beautiful landscaped park with lodging options for tourists were created beside the lake by the joint effort of the Office of the Executive Officer (BDO) – Purbasthali II, the members of the local Hero Club and Kasthashali Gram Panchayat. Presently, the tourist facility here has four newly built lakeside cottages, one eight-bed dormitory and two Double Bed rooms. A children park and a watchtower has also become operational lately.

Cottages at Purbasthali

If you are planning for a weekend destination near Kolkata with equal portions of adventure, solitude and enrichment, then a visit to Purbasthali would be very rewarding.

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